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 Angels of Death: Evenco Saga

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Name: AverlonII
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PostSubject: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeWed Feb 21, 2007 1:26 pm


"Casters form up!!!", shouted Evenco.
"Yes sir", shouted the casters as they made a 2 widht wide line.
"Evenco my Lord, the bellato are coming from the South in numbers, four BMAUs and ten MAUS and about 30 infantry is with them", reported a Steeler.
"What of the Accretinas?" asked Evenco
"Nothing yet sire."

"Casters, prepare yourselves, we have incoming bellato!!!"
The casters started to chant their words of there Lord DECEM as the bellato BMAUs came into site. Evenco looked towrads his younger sister, Advent. She was preping her self to summon her isis which was grated to her by DECEM.
"Yes brother?"
"Be careful ok"
All she did was smile back. That would be the last time Evenco would see her alive.

The BMAUs fell apon them with ferocity killing ten casters in the initail charge. The Casters launched spells of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind into the BMAUs damaging them so much that they were destoryed. As the last BMAU was destroyed the Melee MAUs fell apon them
"Caster fall back into the knights!!", shouted Evenco.
They ran back and formed them selves behind the Knights and Black Nights who were preparing them selves for the MAUs.
"Lord Evenco!!!" a Hunter gasped in injuncey.
"Yes", answered Eveno
"We have Accretian incoming from behind!!"
"Tell Odinco to move his ranger units into postion to repel the charge"
"Yes sir"
At that moment a MAU crunched a Knight with its fists and sending the other Knights fleeing in terror.
"Get back here you cowards!!" commanded Evenco
Evenco was knocked flat as a MAU charged into him. He drew his sword and as the MAU launched his fist into him he jumped onto it ran up and cut off the MAUs arm. He back flipped of the arm and landed gracefully on his feet. He ran forwards with zeal and hacked its legs from underneat it immoiblising it. The MAU driver, a young looking female bellato, stepped out of the MAU, Evenco thrusted his sword throuigh the bellato's heart and she looked up at him as if to ask, Why?

Scream. He saw Advent slumb to the floor as an Accretian fired an arrow into her chest.
"Advent, noooo!!!!!"
He ran towards her chopping the head off a Accretian that got in his way. The Accretian attacking Advent produced a long, slim black danger and placed it to her neck. He sliced it acroos her neck and she slumped forwards, DEAD.
"NO you foolish Accretian"
He could feel a deep anger boiling inside him.
"NO" he thought to himself "keep control keep control", but it was no use the plaque that infected his whole family had taken over him, a rage that caused even the most self-controled man to turn into a anger driven killing machine.

He brought his sword round to the Accretian as fast as lightning striking him in the neck. It fell over dead Evenco kept hacking it. Chopping it into pieces.
"Brother" whimpered Advent, "help me."
Evenco's rage with drew and he could see plainly again.
"Ad-Advent. I thought you were dead" hes whispered slumbing down beside her.
"Thank DECEM you are alive" he sobbed
"I am barely alive brother, I will not survive long", she whimpered.
"Evenco started to cry "Advent no you cant die. I promised you I wouldn't let you die", he sobbed.
She smiled "Dont worry brother I will never leave you"
"Yes Advent I know but I will fight till my dying day and you will nver leave my memories"
"Thank you brother". As she finished what she was saying she passed away. Evenco picked up his sword "DECEM protect you Advent. I hope you prosper in death as you pospered in life"
Advent vaperised into small orbs of light. Evenco look skyward watching his sister rise to heaven. Evenco grabbed his sword and ran into the Accretian, killing with increasing fury.


Evenco stabbed his sword into the eye piece of an Accretian shattering it robotic brain.
"Callento!!", shouted a fellow Corite warrior. A ball of electricity wizzed passed Evenco's ear, rufling his long blonde hair. He saw Necromancer running towards him. He spoke a prayer to DECEM fillling him with zeal and he charged into Callento. He realised this might be the end so with all the strenght he could muster he thrusted his sword towards the bellato's heart. Callento swung his staff with grace to block, "Clunk" blocked.

The fight seemed to last an eternity only causing minor wounds on eash other. Callento launched a spell which shattered his concentration, necro swung his staff into Evenco's head knocking him out and everything went white.

"Evenoc.....Evenco", whispered a voice.
Evenco's eyes started to flicker open.
"Where, where am I" he whimpered.
"Your still alive brother but danger is near"
"Advent is that you"
She smiled. "Yes brother its me" she replied
Advent knelt down next to Evenco and stroked there hair from his eyes
"You are in danger brother. Callento is prepared for the last killing blow."
"So I'm dead already", he argued, " There isnt any point."
Advent slapped him.
"You've never given up before why now?"
"I've lost everything, there isnt any point"
She smiled, "There is always hope Evenco"

He awoke, he could see Callento towering above him about to bring the sharp end of his staff into his skull. He waited till the last moment then rolled aside and tripped Callento up "$%&*@? $*&" Callento cried
"Ha now whos the one about to lose there life, "he sniggered
He stabbed sword into Callento's heart killing him in an instantce. Blood from Necro's heart splurted over his fair face. He'd done it. He'd killed Callento.
Whiiiiz...thud. Evenco staggered forwards an arrow producing from his back. He turned around to see at Bellato with the resemblence of Necromancer holding a bow. The Bellato fired another arrow into him. Whiiiiiiz...thud, whiiiiz...thud. Evinco slumped onto his knees. The Bellato ran towards Callento, " $%&@?: )*&^! +_&872$)_&" he whimpered. It began to cry. It got up and staggered towards Evennco's sword and picked it up. " It can hardly hold the thing", Evenco thought. It dragged it towards Evenco and swung it at him. He easily dodged it even in his state, he grabbed the sword and flung it away. It ran towards Evenco and started hitting him. Evenco withered the hits and in the end the bellato stopped and just cried into Evenco's armour. "What should I do", he thought,"should i comfort him or just walk away."
"Sir", said Oshido," the fight is over"
Oshido looked at the Bellato "Sir whats happening here?"
"It's Callento's sibling i think" he rpelied,"I'm not sure what I should do. I'm not going to kill him, that would be unjust."
The bellato looked up at Evenco as if he knew what he was thinking and the Bellato just ran.
Evenco smiled. "I cant wait to meet him again. Ok back to the HQ all of you have desevered a good rest."
As they started to walk away a tall female Corite appeared on the hill watching them leave and she smiled.
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Number of posts : 31
Age : 26
Localisation : Wales
Registration date : 2007-02-07

Name: AverlonII
Class: Warrior~Champion~Guardian???
Level: 40

Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeWed Feb 21, 2007 1:45 pm

Evenco spelt restlessly that night. He dreamt of is sister's death, the deat h of his parents and of the fight with and death of Callento. He awoke with a start. He could see someones shadow through he crack at the bottom of his door. He quickly dressed himself staying as quiet as possible not to alret the person. As he opened the door the shadow vanished and all that was left was a note in sliver writing. It said:
Please meet me
at the Sette Desert

P.S come alone and unarmed

The next morning he ported himself to sete desert not entirly doing as the letter told him by putting a long runic knife into his right shoe. As he arrived a Bellato appeared from nowhere. Evenco was quick to react slipping the knife out of his shoe.
"Ha, very funny Evenco", the Bellatean said in Corite,"remember me?"
Evenco was surprised."Who are you and how do you know the Corite langauge so well for a Bellato?" Evenco asked
"We Bellato learn fast. Well we met yesterday after you killed my brother", he replied,"anyway my name is Callio O'shavo."
"Why do you want me?"
"Well...I know how to bring your sister back to you."
"You need a crystal, but", he sniggered
"But what?"
"One word. Belphegor", he lauhged," then you have to find her."
"Are you crazy!!!! The Belphegor has never been deafeted!!!! And who the heck is she?"
"Well I've told you what you have to do, so it's either Belphegor or no sister"
The Bellato stuck his tounge out and vanished.
"So, I have to kill the Belphegor. Well might aswell get it over and done with then."
As he walked towards the portal a Corite women appeared where the Bellato had been standing. Her long blonde her blew in her face.
"Evenco, your journey has only just begun"

Evenco grabbed his sword and put on his armour. As he walked through the portal at HQ he chanted the word of DECEM.

He took the short walk to the Volcanic Cauldron area. The only interference was a Ghost that attacked him on the way there. 3 hits...dead. "Lets hope the Belphegor is as easy as that", he thought with a laugh.

As he wallked into the lair of the Belphegor a voice from behind him said,"Be careful brother. DECEM protect you"
He span round but no-one was there.
"Must be in my imagination", he murmured

"For DECEM!" he cried as he charged into the Belphergor's guards. He vaulted over the first and stabbed it in the back then swinging his sword round in a deadly arc slicing another two in-half. Then the Belphegor attacked. Evenco ran forwards grabbing onto a piece of armur on the thing's leg and started to climb . Crack the Belphegor's hand smacked into him sending him into the side of the wall. The Belphegor thrusted his spear towards Evenco lazily but with enough force to slice him in two!!! He doged the the attack and ran up the spear that was stuck in the wall. As he reached the arm of the Belphegor he used his sword the cut it's arm open as he ran along then he gripped his sword tightly plundging it into the Belphegor's shoulder. Evenco pulled himself onto the sword while the Belgphegor struggled to unlodge its spear. He drew a bolt gun with exploding bolts and open fired on it's head taking out it's eye and shattering its jaw into a million pieces. He put the gun back into iit's holster then inlodged his sword from the Belphegor's shoulder and at the same time the Belphegor unlodged it's spear. Evenco ran up the Belphegor's shoulder. It tried to swot it away Evenco away but he was too fast and dodged it's hands and chopping off the fingers that got to close. There was a glint on the Belphegor's head. "Is that the gem I have to find?" As he ran towards it his foot caught on a chink of it's armour and he fell all the way down to the ground. As he fell he felf the rage again, could he hold it back? Should he hold it back?

He decided to let it engulf him. He felt two wings envelope him and when he hit the ground he felt nothing but then softness of feathers. When he got up he looked over his shoulder towards the Belphegor but couldnt see it. All he could see were a pair of white wings producing from his back.


Evenco was startled.
"How did I get these," he stammered as he unfolded them.
The Belphegor ran towards Evenco swinging his spear at him.
"Lets see what these wings can do."
"Evenco is doing well isn't he Callio", "She" laughed
"I told you he would", Callio chuckled
"Hmm", grunted an Accretian,"I still say he wont do it."
"The Belphegor was a pawn fro his acension. A mear pawn nothing else", "She" said
"Meh", grumbled the Accretian

"AAAAHHHHH", Evenco cried as he swung his sword into The Belphegor's groinraking it up through it's body. He drew his pistol again and fired five shots into the Belphegor's chest plate shattering it ensuring the death of the Belphegor. Evenco's sword ran into it's heart spliting it in half. As it began to topple over Evenco flew with all the speed his wings could muster to get him to the gem on it's head. Using the hilt of his sword he pryed it from the Belphegor's head. Evenco back flipped of it's head using his wings to balance him .
"Very good Evenco", applauded Callio stepping out of the shadows,"hmmmm I see you have Ascended"
"Ha everything is falling into place", Callio thought to himself chuckling.
"Thats what you call it", Evenco replied,"but you know more then you're letting on."
"Everything will become clear soon enough Evenco."
Evenco could here muffled talking coming from high up on a ledge. he flapped his wing rising quickly. What he saw baffled him. He saw an Accretian stepping through a wall at the back of the ledge.
"Don't let the wall decieve you. Go through it, it's only an illusion", said a voice inside his head.
Evenco prodded the wall with his sword. It slipped through, with ease, rippling the wall like water. He darted through and found himself in a corridor lit by candles. He could see the hulking mass of the Accretian runnign down the hall.
"Do I have enough room to fly?" Evenco considered uncoiling his wings. He desided he would have to take the risk and flew off after the Accretian.

"What speeds this Accretian?" Evenco though strugging to keep up with it. As he got closer he could make out the two more indivduals, a tall brown haired female corite wearing ripped spellcaster armour and a short person, most likely a Bellato, in warrior gear he'd never seen before. Evenco heard a clatter of metal and stood in-front of him the Accretian was holding a launcher. There was a large explosion and Evenco hit the floor unconsious and last he saw was Callio squwating beside him.
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Number of posts : 31
Age : 26
Localisation : Wales
Registration date : 2007-02-07

Name: AverlonII
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PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeWed Feb 21, 2007 1:46 pm


Evenco awoke, he was in a cell, blood pouring out of the walls, the door was bone white. Evenco walked towards the door and touched it.
"Advent", he whispered,"I miss you."
"She's your sister isnt she?" came a voice from behind him. Evenco saw a a hunched figure with a cloak on.
"Yes she is," replied Evenco. A tear running down his cheek cught the figures attention.
"You aught to keep your emotions in ckeck. Look what they did to me."
The person removed his hood, his face was scared and torn mangled out of shape.
"Don't tell me what to do!"
"Tou don't have to listen to me but I would."
The figure removed his cloak revealing a pair of grey wings and ripped and torn spiritulist gear.
"I am Athion, I am the last known human and it is nice to meet a fellow Bretheren of the Skies."
"I am Evenco, and what do you mean by 'Bretheren of the Skies'?"
"Ascended as the other races call them."
"Does that mean there are other like me and you?"
"When I was imprisoned here, there were only afew of us left, but we were once a glourious nation."
"What happened."
"Eveyone knows what happened but only afew understand it."
"Do you?"
"Yes, but you need to find out for yourself otherwise it would be no use to use."
This must be him, thought Athion, the Saviour of our race.
"Welcome to the Blood Chamber Evenco, hope you've got aquainted with the other scum," came a familiar voice from the door way. In the door way stood Callio. Out of thin air a fire ball hurtled towards Callio He turned it aside woth a sword.
"LIke the sword Evenco? It was once yours," Callion laughed.
"I don't need weapons to kill you brat."
An anger started to boil up inside him, a pair of black wings produced from Evenco's back and an aura of dark power surrounded him. From nothing a long sword made of obsidian appeared in Evenco's hand.
No, he can't, he can't lose control, thought Athion, but what can I do against such raw power?
Evenco slashed out at Callio's face laughing, an evil laugh. Callio's face was torn apart by the blade, creating a gaping wound from his right eye to the Bellato's left cheek. Screaming Callio hacked at Evenco with the sword he was carrying. Evenco parried the blows, sending sparks into the air. Evenco dashed forwards knocking the Bellato aside. Athion ran after him, kicking Callio down as he tried to get up.

Evenco stopped running at them main door to the bloody chamber.
"Evenco!" shouted Athion, "stop!"
"The power it's so....so...."
"Yes, how do you know?"
"I went through this myself, I resisted the temtation of anger and hate."
"But can I?"
"I don't want to turn out like the rest of our race did."
"You won't, just calm yourself down. You musn't let anger take over you. Everything must be in balance."
"Go on, tell him how to kill us all! I wouldn't be surprised!" Callio shouted staggering into sight, "You just kill, thats all you di Evenco nothing else."
"What! What do you mean?"
"You ever wonder who killed ypur parents? Ever wonder why they were killed?"
"My parents died in a fire! It was a freak accident!"
"Evenco, control yourself, otherwise you'l have another out burst," butted in Athion.
"No, your parents didn't die in a fire! You killed them!"
"You BASTARD, I would never kill them."
"You would if you lost control of the powers granted to you."
"Evenco, you did I was there, I'm sorry," Athion mummered sadly.
"Then....then did Advent know?"
"Yes I did, thats why I hate you," said a women coming through the main door.
"Yes brother, or have you lost your memory like you've lost your mind!"
"What happened to you? I thought you died!"
"Ha, died? Nothing of the sought! All fake.
"I found out what happened to our parents, and now, I want revenge!"
With that she dived towards Evenco sword drawn, with a thurst for blood, Evenco's blood.
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Number of posts : 31
Age : 26
Localisation : Wales
Registration date : 2007-02-07

Name: AverlonII
Class: Warrior~Champion~Guardian???
Level: 40

Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeWed Feb 21, 2007 1:54 pm

Oh I forgot something, THe reason why I reposted these was because it seems they were deleted while I was away for some reason. Happy reading.
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Name: Woodpecker
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PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2007 6:21 am

you expect me to read that all.. LOL !
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Number of posts : 31
Age : 26
Localisation : Wales
Registration date : 2007-02-07

Name: AverlonII
Class: Warrior~Champion~Guardian???
Level: 40

Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2007 10:00 am

stuff you woody and read it noob
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Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angels of Death: Evenco Saga   Angels of Death: Evenco Saga Icon_minitime

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Angels of Death: Evenco Saga
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