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 Dark Holes

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PostSubject: Dark Holes   Dark Holes Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2007 8:27 am

Rooms in DarkHole Dungeons

1.Cactus Jail blaize blocks - let tanks gather mobs and mages aoe

2.Palm of Hades Boogie Bolts - go first one way and get first section then go back he other way

3.Ruins Zone - Sandworms - kill all mobs destroy pillars and loot them

4.Gun Powder - Babas (normals) - kill mobs agin

5.Scotoma Annabolas - kill tombstones and loot them - kill mobs only for time let them hit bk or tanker for vamp groan

6.Stone Wall - Kurs - kill little boxes and loot them avoid getting killed by kurs

7.Steemer - machines - kill boxes mages and let the tanks deal with the mobs and for heavans sake LOOT

8.Chess - screw mobs just kill bigger pieces

9.Nightmare stay on the portal till told to come, let red or ogha take out th pyramids then go get the gem and port

10.Illusion Bowl Pitboss - NO ONE hits the boss till its been tested with low lvl throwing knife; false boss' life will dip really low. If the false boss move on if the real one KILL.


the above link is to a vid made by acc's but gives the over view quite nicely the one below is like bird's eye view

Dark Holes Darkhole02

RedLady - mage/Adventurer - 49

Lolo - artist - 46

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Dark Holes
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